Treviso's city and his wonderfull territory Treviso's city and his wonderfull territory: Sile river, Venice and the laguna, Conegliano, Castelfranco and a lot more.

Treviso invites its visitors to get lost in alleys and romantic atmosphere, made even more special by the canals and the bridges that cross and connect the entire city. Another indispensable pleasure offered by the city of Treviso are the walks under the arcades painted in the shopping streets where large fashion brands live in the centuries-old works that depict saints and Virgin. From the palace of the 300 and the Piazza dei Signori, along the Calmaggiore you get to the Cathedral with frescoes by Titian, in which lies the crypt known as "the forest of columns". Lovers of the thirteenth century painting can visit the Civic Museum and St. Nicholas. In the heart of the city stands the Fontana delle Tette from which spurted white and red wine during the holidays and still remain witness to the character of the pleasure-loving city, traced by the numerous small inns where you can stop to enjoy the specialties of the territory as the prosecco , spritz and various food tastings. All the old town is surrounded by ancient walls of which are often organized events. These are accessed from the sixteenth century Porta San Tomaso Porta Santi Quaranta and Altinia Gate. But Treviso is not only history and ancient art, between the streets and alleys are alive more than ever the great works of the contemporary sculptor Toni Benetton, in fact, right in front of the station and the Hotel Continental dominates the Big Ball steel patinated .

Fans of cycling can ride for 40 km along the Sile, the longest river spring of Europe, along the ring that connects Treviso with Casale of Sile. Here starts one of the most picturesque in which the art cities are interspersed with natural areas, shortly after leaving the Venetian villas space in lush countryside. Along the way there is no lack rest areas, eateries and moorings from which to live and where to return the river from the "inside", experiencing the various modes of slow navigation that are proposed. You can use your own bike, leaving the car in one of the many free parking spaces which are located along the bike lane, or arrive by train or bus station Treviso and move with a rental bike. For those wishing to learn more about this waterway, once used for the transportation of goods from Treviso to Venice, you will take a guided tour with the guides of the park and explore the history of the river Sile and that of burci, old boats.

the Sile river

Castelfranco Veneto is the birthplace of Giorgione and is a charming walled city with medieval castle. Giorgione's Cathedral retains the Pala di Castelfranco and collects the testimonies in the Museo Casa Giorgione. Noteworthy is the theater Academic, considered a jewel of the eighteenth century, designed by architect Francesco Maria Preti. Castelfranco gives its name to the Radicchio Castelfranco variegated, like a large pink and sweet taste. The city is then inserted in the gastronomic Route Radicchio.

Castelfranco Veneto

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